What do I need to know before visiting the factory?
Closed-toe shoes, long pants, and gloves are required. No kids. No Pets. No exceptions.

We also recommend bringing a glass cutter, flashlight or headlamp, packing materials, and containers. You can also bring your cart or dolly. Many people also like to wear long sleeves or arm gauntlets. 

Glass cutters and gloves are available for purchase at the Factory Outlet.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks payable to Paul Wissmach Glass Company Monday through Friday—cash and checks only on Saturdays (checks are preferred.)

When I shop for glass, can I see glass being made?
We would love to give you a tour of the factory to see how our colorful glass products are made. You MUST call (304) 337-2253 at least two weeks before your visit to schedule a tour, but please note that we cannot guarantee a tour.
NOTE: The Factory Outlet will be open Monday – Friday 10am-3pm throughout July. There will be no Saturday shopping hours. ON JULY 4, the Factory Outlet will be open but only until 12noon. While the Factory Outlet will be open, there will be NO TOURS at all during July 2024.

I’m tax-exempt. What must I do to not pay the outlet’s sales tax?
Tax-exempt customers must have a current-year certificate in hand or on file. We recommend bringing a printed copy with you if you have any doubts about whether it’s on file.

What do you sell at the Factory Outlet?
We don’t stock our entire catalog of glass products. Since our business primarily focuses on manufacturing for a worldwide distribution network, we make what our distributors order. We always make a little more than the quantity ordered to account for unexpected events in creating a handmade product. The leftovers, as it were, get put out for sale in the Factory Outlet. 

The Factory Outlet always has a selection of Art Glass and COE 96 Kiln Glass in various colors. However, no guarantees or predictions can be made about specific colors being available at any time.

Shopping the available glass at the Factory Outlet should not be compared to more traditional retail shopping experiences. Wissmach is a working factory, first and foremost, with a small shopping area. Treat shopping with us like a treasure hunt – you never know precisely what you’ll find.

Where is the factory located?
The Paul Wissmach Glass Company Factory Outlet is at 420 Stephen Street, Paden City, WV 26159.

When is the Factory Outlet open?
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Annual holiday closures: Thanksgiving Thursday – Sunday, December 23 – December 25, December 30 – January 1, Memorial Day, Labor Day

Is there parking?
Yes, we have a parking lot at the factory. It only tends to fill up during our two-day annual fall sale.

Do you ship?
Except for sample sets, we do not do any retail shipping. We have a complete list of our distributors worldwide, many of whom have online stores and ship.

When is the next sale?
We host one annual sale event in the fall, typically on a Friday and Saturday in October. We may also occasionally hold one-off sales that don’t repeat. We recommend opting into our email list to receive announcements about sale events, new colors, project ideas, and more. 2024 Sale Information

What are Factory Outlet prices like?
Since our business primarily focuses on manufacturing for a worldwide distribution network, we only sell Factory Outlet exclusives at a discounted price. It is not in anyone’s best interest for us to undercut our distributors. So, while we may have limited full-size sheets or jars of frit available for sale at the Factory Outlet, we will sell them at retail prices.

A rough range of Factory Outlet exclusive pricing is below. As a result of fluctuations in material costs and various other factors, these prices are subject to change without notice.

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