COE-96 tested compatible glass for all kiln applications

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Wissmach 96 Transparent Glass Colors

Wissmach 96 Opaque Glass Colors

Prisma is our Kiln Glass Line of Mixed Colors

Primarily a mix of 2 colors and sometimes 3, which can result in some additional color hues.

Mixing color is a manual process and each piece will be different.

Each Prisma combination comes in a variety of color densities. The first part of the color name is the more dominant color of the Prisma Glass as illustrated in the samples below.

  Wissmach Prisma 96-28 White - Dark Blue Transparent   Wissmach Prisma 96-29 Dark Blue Transparent - White   Wissmach Prisma 96-30 Crystal - Dark Blue Transparent

16 oz/ 500 g                  4lbs/2 kg