As of April 2021, The Paul Wissmach Glass Company is under new ownership! The new owners are excited to continue the tradition of a family-owned and operated company. They provide the same high-quality product that artists know and love while striving to modernize the brand, improve workplace benefits, and connect with regional artists. 

The Paul Wissmach Glass Company has been making glass for artists and designers for over a century. Wissmach Glass currently produces two distinct lines of glass: Art Glass and Kiln Glass

Wissmach Art Glass is ideal for Stained Glass, Mosaic, and Architectural Glass Applications. It comes in an array of colors, textures, and levels of transparency. It is also available with an iridescent coating. 

Wissmach Kiln Glass has a coefficient of expansion of 96 and has been tested for compatibility. It comes in various colors, textures, and levels of transparency. It is also available with a luminescent coating. COE 96 frit is widely available in various colors from your favorite distributor. 

Ever wonder how Wissmach develops its distinct palette of colors? Recipes over a century old of chemicals and compounds mix with limestone, soda ash, and sand and then are heated to 2,200°F (1,200°C) using natural gas in one of Wissmach’s 13 fire brick furnaces. Unique blends of 2 to 3 colors with varying degrees of transparency are mixed by hand before being rolled out and annealed. 

Quick Facts

  • 40+ employees
  • 99% of sales are outside of West Virginia
  • 40% of sales are exported internationally