Today we like to introduce you to a glass studio in Apopka, Florida. 

Wizards of Glass, LLC

Thank you Linda and Millard for sharing your story with us. 

 We have been using Wissmach Glass for over 30 years. First with Stained Glass and now with Fused Glass Art. 

Linda and I have been fusing glass for over 15 years now and we use Wissmach as our primary glass. We are located in Apopka, Florida, just northwest of Orlando. We have a full glass fusing studio, with 6 glass kilns, the largest being a Denver Glass Kiln measuring 30 x 60, and we sell glass and supplies to artists (both stained and fusing) in the trade.

The Flower Bowl that you have taken a picture of is one of our pieces we are making for a commercial order for a company in Jacksonville, Florida. The piece measures approximately 17 inches in diameter and is made in 2 layers of Wissmach COE 96 glass. The first layer is W96-20 (Wissmach Cobalt Blue) and the second layer is W96-16 Lum (Wissmach Light Blue Luminescent). To make the ring of chips on the top surface, we take the Luminescent glass and break it up with a hammer (frustration release), then position the pieces on a sheet of shelf paper in the kiln. We then put the Luminescent glass on the chips, Luminescent side down to preserve the Luminescent side, and then position the Cobalt piece on top of that finishing the stack of glass. We then Full Fuse the pieces together so that the chips are fully incorporated into the Luminescent piece. When that process is complete we then slump the piece over our own mold with the Luminescent side down against the mold, again preserving the Luminescent finish.

This a process that we have always performed using either Spectrum Iridescent or Wissmach Luminescent glass. It is the ONLY way to preserve the luminescent finish and give a good rounded edge finish to the product. We are also using the same process in many of our other pieces that require that shiny, colorful look.

Thanks again,

Linda & Millard Kirk

Wizards of Glass, LLC

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