Lately several customers made us aware of an issue that we did not have in the past. As we always say, the luminescent coating usually does not fire off, when you are using the coated side towards the kiln shelf. But recently several glass artists had a problem with some textured molds. Obviously, enough heat has gotten to the coating and it fired off, even with the luminescent coated side down, which  you can see on the project to the right. 

Nanette was so friendly to share this picture with us. She tried the mold a second time with our recommendation to use ThinFire™ shelf paper between the mold and the glass. It is thin enough to keep all the details in the texture. But I would still recommend that you have another coating of either “Primo Primer” or Boron on your mold to prevent the glass from fusing to the mold, if the paper rips a bit on the texture. 

Doesn’t the one on the left look stunning. Thank you Nanette for sharing your picture with us and working with us to solve this issue. 

For all other questions about luminescent glass please see the video below.