Finally I have a good use for my drawing program. First I learned to create my own color swatches with Wissmach Glass images. Then I tried to use them in a stained glass pattern. I used Draw Plus X5 from Serif which is a fairly inexpensive program. Here is a list of the “glass” I used for the pattern.

01aq for Aqualite textured clear
1-D for opalescent  yellow
8-L for opalescent white/pink/purple
7-LL for opalescent streaky purple/white
57-LL for the opalescent streaky green/yellow

If you like to get a copy of the pattern please email Petra and specify if you like it “neutral” or give her your Wissmach Glass color choices as shown in the sample and she will create it for you.

Sample: for 01aq for Aqualite textured clear – use textured ripple 01

Here is a link to our stained glass catalog!
Are you using a drawing program to create your own patterns?